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What does aicaremoxa  do?

"ai", in Chinese, means mugwort leaf and love.

Our brand name ai care stands for who we are and what we do. We see Aì leaf a loving plant that takes full care of our body and soul and makes a real difference to our health. We are passionate about it and dedicated to promoting moxa. Readout loudly ai care, it also shows an attitude of “I care”. This is the way how we believe we should love ourselves and others.


At ai care, we create moxa characterized spa experiences utilize traditional knowledge with modern innovation to devise the TCM wellness therapy to build up long term health. We want to live beautifully, with love and care.

The experiences at ai care are:

  1. ai care signature Moxa wellness experience

  2. TBS Beauty treatment

  3. Relaxation massage

  4. Deep tissue massage

  5. Aromatherapy massage

  6. Thai massage

  7. Foot treatment

  8. Hand treatment

  9. Ear candling

  10. Cupping

How does aicaremoxa therapy differ from general Moxibustion practices?

The traditional moxa therapy practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics is mostly using burning moxa sticks, also called thunder fire moxibustion. Although the effect is proven, the experience is not as enjoyable as the odor from burning leaf creates an unpleasant feeling to most people. Nevertheless, the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinics focus on practically treating sickness, so the environment the process is taking place does not provide a relaxed feeling.

At ai care, we do innovative smokeless moxa solution emphasizing on both effectiveness and enjoyment. Adding touching elements to integrate your sensation in look, feel, taste and hear, our moxa treatment takes full care of your body, making it a true ritual to feel enriched and rewarded. It is extremely comfortable and relaxed. Our effectiveness is maximized by the consumption of 100% pureness premium moxa products in combination of an innovative heating machine with tubor charging principle, as well as our unique manual technique of meridian dredge massage. All our products used in the European market has obtained CE license, it is safe and functional.

Why do you need aicaremoxa

Modern living is impacting our health due to the high-pressure level many people experience daily. Such negative environmental influences together with congenital deficiency, bad living habits etc. can cause imbalances to our body and lead to a status called Suboptimal health status (SHS), an intermediate stage between health and disease. The Suboptimal health status forms the common physical complaints such as feeling uncomfortable, fatigue, pain, and are always in a state of anxiety, annoyance, fastidium or hopelessness, and are very tired with life. Most of the western medications or general physio massage only mask the symptoms of these health problems and does nothing to stop the real cause of the problems. Moxibustion, with a dual effect of tonification and purgation, helps strengthen the organs and immune system and really works to solve the problems. ai care makes moxibustion enjoyable and ensures effectiveness. That is why we believe you need ai care moxa.

Who need aicaremoxa spa therapy?

While ai care moxa spa therapy targets effective resolution of your physical complaint, ai care welcomes and gathers those people who are positive in life attitude and always seek for better life values and quality. If any of below description applies to your situation, ai care is the right place for you:

  • You have physical complaints such as pain in the shoulder, joint, and muscle and you want to remove the root of the problems;

  • You often have cold hands and feet and easy to feel cold and weak;

  • You want to experience less stress, anxiety, and depression in your daily life and feel happier;

  • You want to have a better sleep;

  • You value health and wellness as one of your top priorities

  • You want to be and feel more beautiful and radiant with joy

  • You like to enjoy life and try new things.