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Guasha Facial Care


Gua Sha, originally a medical method, can combine Chinese and Western beauty. Scrape on acupuncture points while beautifying the skin texture, to achieve the effect of beauty, which is beyond the reach of other beauty methods.

Facial scraping beauty is the method of scraping, using scraping on the face or body to change the person's appearance or body.

After many years of practice, tens of thousands of clinical observations can achieve special amelioration effects on some difficult and hindering vision diseases.

This method was recommended by the Chinese Aesthetic Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, demonstrated and exchanged at the 3rd International Traditional Medicine Aesthetic Conference in Tokyo, Japan, and was recognized by the International Traditional Chinese Aesthetic Organization.

The facial scraping beauty method is a new skin treatment method derived from the principle of scraping to cure diseases. It is based on the physical structure of the face, design special scraping plates, along the surface specific meridian points embodiments certain techniques, the facial meridian points and blood flow because of wiper stimulation to improve blood circulation, clear the pores Cou discharged fever gas, adjust facial biological information, the purpose of balancing yin and yang. At the same time, facial meridian points are stimulated by scraping to produce a thermal response, which increases local hemolysis and blood flow on the face, activates damaged and weak cells, promotes the exchange and elimination of metabolites, and oxidizes, repairs and renews to function normally. It has the effect of detoxification and beauty, softening wrinkles, promoting blood circulation and removing ulcers, antioxidant and whitening, promoting qi, eliminating blemishes and protecting the skin.

In general, recipients feel a little warm on the face, as if they were a freshly steamed face or hot compress. Individuals with engraved sensations may feel a slight throbbing sensation or an ant-like sensation on the cheeks and hairline. Some people also experience the blood circulation. Speed ​​up and feel comfortable and comfortable. 80% of people recover from redness immediately and their face will afterwards feel relaxed, refreshed and comfortable, revealing a natural complexion that is white and red.

Your beauty ​specialist:

Graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine College
(5-year studies in TCM)

She is 50 years old and she has a lot of experience in the Beauty Industry.

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