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After putting on our clothes and drinking a cup of tea, we started the treatment.

Aicare beauty

Our TBS can be compressed and stretched by 1 megahertz to form a micro-tremor massage of 1 million times per second. It can be as deep as 5-6 cm deep under the skin with millions of hands and simultaneous massage. The deep tissue of the skin is at high speed. Under the action of vibration and various waveforms, it rapidly heats up, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, restores body cell activity, enhances cell permeability, tightens skin and improves skin problems.

Aicare Pulse

The 'baMai'is a diagnostic method in which the Chinese medical hand presses the patient's artery and according to the pulse to understand the internal changes of the disease.

Aicare Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a unique means of treating diseases in China. It is a kind of medical treatment of "inside disease and external treatment". It is through the conduction of meridians and acupoints, and the application of certain methods of operation to treat systemic diseases.

Aicare Tuina

Tuina is a kind of health treatment for treating diseases and preventing diseases in China. When there is no traditional Chinese medicine decoction to treat people, it has been treated by massage. Dr. Wu of aicare has more than 40 years of professional experience, based on your physical problems to achieve acupuncture points for the treatment of physical pain. There are also various positive effects such as promoting blood circulation and relieving fatigue.

Aicare Relax massage

After a hard day, Aicare is happy to provide you with a relaxing massage to relieve fatigue. Relaxing anti-stress massage can speed up blood circulation and increase oxygen in the blood, giving you a good mood.

Aicare Sport massage

Aicare Deep Massage (athlete massage) focuses on and massages your deep muscles. Helps release stress and relieve tension, remove toxins from tissues, prevent muscle soreness, joint pain, and joint fatigue.

Aicare Aroma therapy​

Aromatherapy, consisting of aromatic "Aroma" and "Therapy", as an adjuvant therapy, has been used in body massages and even diseases in China, Egypt, and India since ancient times. Improves skin's absorption without increasing the burden on the skin.

Aicare Thai Massage

Thai massage, in addition to the familiar joints, has a set of meridians, acupressure and stretching theory. Massage your opponent's acupuncture points with your fingers, arms, knees and legs, and press and stretch on your muscles and joints to balance your body, mind and mind, and promote blood circulation, respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system and muscles. Skin metabolism. It is carried out on a regular basis to keep the spirit and body in top condition.

Aicare Hand foot beauty

Aicare's hand and foot care program not only creates basic spa care, but also protects the health of the hands and feet.

Aicare Ear Candle

Ear candle. Treatments include facial lymphatic drainage and head, shoulder and neck massage. Ear candle therapy can effectively relieve earache, headache, nervousness, colds and insomnia, and you will immediately feel facial lines, smooth breathing, sensitive smell and body and mind.

Aicare Cupping

Cupping method : the caninster ( the tool used for this process) use heat to remove the air inside and generate negative pressure. The body surface on which the canister is placed on, gets absorbed and stimulated ,the skin  then is  congested and blood stasis, which is a good way to prevent from several diseases

Aicre -100 Plan

Aicare also offers weight loss packages. We combine Chinese medicine with modern technology. Dr. Wu has devoted decades of research and has his own unique weight loss theory to make you healthy and thin.