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Traditional Chinese Cupping

  • 40 minutes
  • €40
  • Buitenveldertselaan 40, 1081 AA Amsterdam

Service Description

Something you should know about cupping Cupping is a traditional treatment which involves the physician applying the suction to affected areas by using special cups. This stretches the tight fascia in your body and aids in muscle relaxation. It reduces stagnation, promotes better Qi-blood circulation and dispels pathogenic factors, such as dampness, wind, heat and cold. Cupping is commonly used to treat pain disorders, muscle aches and facial tension, but it can also help in the treatment of flu and to relieve stress and anxiety. It is often used together with moxibustion or acupuncture. Here in Aicaremoxa health center, we use glass cups. Firstly, you should note that the amounts of cups, the areas in which they are positioned and the cupping technique used will vary according to your condition. During this procedure, a small flame will be used to create a partial vacuum in the cup. After which, the cup will be placed on your body. You might feel a mild soreness as skin and fascia layers are drawn into the cup. After cupping, visible marks be left on the body and it may take a few days to disappear. These marks signify to a certain extent the degree of stagnation in your body. The following is a general guideline to what the darkness and shade of the marks may reflect. ① Pink or light red marks: healthy circulation. ② Dark red marks: moderate stagnation. ③ Dark purple marks: severe stagnation and poor circulation. ④ Pale purple marks: Qi-blood deficiency. ⑤ Blisters or blood blisters: Cupping blisters are normal, they are a harmless. Though blisters might look painful and worrisome, they are easy to treat, and typically will disappear and heal quickly. In traditional Chinese medicine, blisters occur when toxins and dampness are drained from the body; they are a sign that the treatment is effective, rather than an undesirable side-effect. Research show that the protein components are significantly different between blister from cupping therapy and scalds. If blisters or blood blisters occur, we will pop them with acupuncture needles, which are ideal for this purpose: their tiny size reduces the chance of creating an unnecessarily large opening, and they are already safely sterilized. After popping, sterile gauze will cover on them.

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Buitenveldertselaan 40, 1081 AA Amsterdam, 荷兰

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