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Yolanda's Story

My dear customers,


I am Yoland Wang. I was born in China during the 1970s, which was a truly unique period. At that time, China had just emerged from the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution and was on the brink of implementing reforms and opening up to the world. The economy was on the cusp of a significant boom, and the general populace was imbued with a sense of vigor and determination. This context of growth and the prevailing atmosphere had a profound influence on me. It fostered my resilience and my spirit of innovation, encouraging me to face challenges head-on and to constantly seek new solutions.


Having studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) during my university years, I began working in the field of health consultation and treatment services after graduation. I had a deep enthusiasm for my profession and I loved every one of my clients. When I saw that I could apply the techniques of TCM I had learned to real-world situations, and bring satisfactory results to my clients, it gave me immense gratification. I was incredibly proud of myself for this.


Just as I was wholeheartedly invested in my career, in May 2008, my beloved mom suddenly passed away. This unexpected blow utterly changed me , but in the meantime it spurred continuous innovation and growth in my career in the healthcare area when we look back and think about it positively. My mom fell ill and passed away within a short span of just 17 days. Those 17 days presented me with the most painful, sorrowful, fearful, and desperate experience of my life: I was a student of TCM and yet, I found myself helpless in the face of my mom's illness! I no longer took pride in the achievements I had made in the past; instead, I saw my many shortcomings. For a long time after my mom's death, whenever I thought about the fact that I would never again see my kind and affectionate mom, never again see her benevolent face, I would immerse myself in the extreme pain of losing her.


The deep yearning for my mom and the excessive grief and stress following her departure took a severe toll on my health. My weight began to surge rapidly, and at its highest, I weighed nearly 80 kilograms, classifying me as mildly obese. There was a time when I lost all confidence in myself and in life, resorting to burying myself in my work to heal the wounds in my soul. However, sometimes the deepest valleys in life can also present the most potent opportunities for transformation. After much introspection and grieving, I finally came to understand one essential truth, that is the importance of health. I realized that only with a healthy body could I seize the opportunity to achieve all that I desired without leaving regrets for my loved ones. One day, it dawned on me that I should not be doubting myself anymore. Instead, I should be honing my medical skills, incessantly striving for improvement and innovation in my profession, and taking on the challenge of tackling more complex health issues. Through the knowledge and experience I had accumulated in health and wellness, coupled with my relentless effort, I successfully lost 25 kilograms, reclaiming my slender and confident self.


Simultaneously, an incidental opportunity introduced me to the remarkable effects of moxibustion therapy. From that point onward, I started to study the principles of moxibustion more intensively and apply them more profoundly. I realized that after the Great Cultural Revolution most TCM practices had been viewing moxibustion merely as an auxiliary method of treatment. However, in truth, moxibustion possesses astonishing benefits in and of itself! Moxibustion not only replenishes our bodies with an abundance of Yang Qi (positive energy), thereby boosting our immunity, but it also contributes significantly to the treatment of major diseases. For example, it can quickly help increase the number of white blood cells which are reduced due to radiation or chemotherapy; it is frequently employed to correct malposition of the fetus in pregnant women; and it has a significant therapeutic effect on severe illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis, ascites, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, as well as various male and female health conditions. For a while, my research into moxibustion took on an obsessive quality, as I became deeply enamored with its magical effects.


In 2017, my husband and I accompanied our daughter to Switzerland for her studies. During this time, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, immersing ourselves in its diverse cultures. Our journey took us to the Netherlands in September, where we encountered a dismal weather pattern: it was incessantly rainy and windy with very few sunny days. In contrast to China, where September is typically a time of clear, refreshing autumn weather, the Netherlands presented us with an early autumn that was both cold and damp. We often noticed elderly women on the streets, pushing small carts and walking with a pronounced limp. Given my professional background, I recognized these as typical symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain, conditions closely associated with living in damp, cold climates for prolonged periods. These senior citizens also reminded me of my late mother. I recalled how, due to my limited medical skills at the time, I was unable to help my mother with her illness effectively. Now, with the valuable treatment methods I had acquired, I realized I could aid these elderly people. Why shouldn't I? I told my husband about my idea, almost in exclamation, that the people here were in dire need of moxibustion therapy. I wanted to help them! After discussing it with my husband, we decided to leave our high-ranking positions in China and move to the Netherlands to promote moxibustion therapy. Our aim was to make more people aware of moxibustion, understand its benefits, and ultimately allow more people to achieve better health through this natural and holistic therapeutic practice.


In May 2019, Aicaremoxa B.V. was officially founded in the Netherlands. The name is imbued with profound meaning. Firstly, "Ai Care" and "I Care" have the same pronounciation in English. This reflects our original intention when we came to the Netherlands: we genuinely care about people living here. We aspire for them to reap the benefits of health and happiness from our moxibustion therapy, which in turn alleviates the regret I harbor for not being able to help my mom myself.


Simultaneously, in Chinese, "Ai" in moxibustion and "Ai" in love share the same pronunciation. Moxibustion represents one of the best physical means of replenishing positive energy to the human body, while love stands as one of the best spiritual means of fostering happiness and health in individuals. The integration of these two concepts perfectly embodies my aspirations.


Hence, our logo depicts two hands cradling a tuft of moxa mugwort. It symbolizes our action to receive "Ai" (love) with the left hand and transmit "Ai" (moxibustion) with the right hand. We hope for "Ai" (Love + Moxibustion) to proliferate worldwide, bringing benefits to as many people as possible.


My dear customers, thank you for choosing Ai.Care Moxa for your health services. We are committed to delivering high-quality health services and demonstrating an exceptional level of customer service to ensure a significant improvement in your well-being. Our mission is to instill hope in each of our customers and to reassure them that Ai.Care Moxa is always at their side.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible health services to ensure that your health receives comprehensive attention and care. We appreciate your trust in us, and we look forward to continuing our companionship with you on the journey to better heath and brighter future.

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