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Figure 1: Traditional Firecupping Therapy

Aicaremoxa utilizes the technique of firecupping therapy (as shown in Figure 1). Compared to vacum cupping, cupping with fire in Aicaremoxa provides better therapeutic effects and stronger penetration, resulting in improved Qi /energy circulation, enhanced blood flow, regulation of meridians, reduction of swelling, and alleviation of pain. The application of fire in cupping creates a higher temperature. The warm stimulates the skin's sensory receptors, blood vessels, and nerve endings more effectively. This additional heat stimulation enhances the treatment efficacy as well.

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Figure 2: The technique of TCM firecupping offers numerous health benefits.

Cupping therapy is a commonly used therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and it offers numerous benefits for the body. These include:

Regulation of energy and blood flow: Cupping stimulates acupoints and the meridians on the skin's surface, which are closely connected to the meridian system. This stimulation effectively promotes the flow of Qi /energy and blood through the meridians, removing any pathogenic factors that may be present. As a result, the meridians remain clear, ensuring the nourishment of tendons, vessels, and joints, thereby aiding in the treatment of various ailments.

Enhanced immune function: During cupping, the negative pressure created causes the skin to rise and stimulates the local area. This stimulation leads to the dilation of local blood vessels, resulting in increased blood circulation in the region. Improved circulation facilitates the more efficient elimination of metabolic waste and replenishment of necessary nutrients in the area. Additionally, this process stimulates the immune system, enhancing the phagocytic function of lymphocytes and white blood cells. It aids in the identification and clearance of harmful substances from the body, ultimately strengthening the immune system.

Facilitated excretion and absorption: Cupping accelerates blood circulation, thereby increasing metabolic activity. This heightened metabolic rate enhances the body's demand for oxygen and nutrients. Simultaneously, cupping aids in the faster elimination of metabolic waste products, improving the overall internal environment of the body. The process promotes the efficient absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste materials.

Dampness elimination: Cupping therapy is highly effective in eliminating dampness from the body, particularly in individuals who lead sedentary lifestyles and spend prolonged periods in air-conditioned or cold and wet environments. Lack of physical activity and exposure to excessive humidity can contribute to the accumulation of dampness in the body as well. Cupping plays a significant role in improving the elimination of dampness by promoting blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, and enhancing the body's natural detoxification processes, which helps restore balance and alleviates related symptoms, promoting overall well-being.

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Figure 3: After cupping therapy, it is common to see red or purplish marks on the skin. Clients seeking weight loss may experience toxin elimination, which can occasionally lead to blister formation


Please note that after cupping therapy, it is common to observe red or purplish marks on the skin. For clients seeking weight loss, cupping therapy may result in the elimination of toxins, and therefore sometimes even leading to the formation of blisters, as shown in figure 3. These are normal reactions to cupping detoxification process.

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