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Deep tissue massage intro

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage


30 minutes.............................€45

60 minutes.............................€79

90 minutes.............................€105

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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage (DTTM) is a specialized massage technique designed to reach the inner layers of your muscles and tissues, including fascia, joints, and muscles. As the name suggests, DTTM goes beyond surface-level relief to offer profound healing and relaxation by targeting the body's deeper tissue structures.

Unlike most conventional massages, DTTM is slower and penetrates deeper into the body. This allows the massage therapist to apply substantial pressure to the targeted areas, resulting in a comprehensive and therapeutic treatment.

DTTM typically focuses on major muscle groups, such as those in the neck, shoulder or lower back, as well as vulnerable joints and tendons. This specialized attention makes DTTM particularly beneficial for those with chronic muscle pain or tension resulting from long hours sitting in the office or working on the computer.

Who can benefit from Deep Tissue Massage?

Office workers who spend long hours sitting or using a computer.

Individuals with muscle soreness across the body, needing deep, effective relief.

People who fear or dislike acupuncture, providing a needle-free alternative for relaxation and healing.

Anyone who enjoys deep pressure massages, as DTM can provide a satisfying and therapeutic experience.

Why choose Deep Tissue Massage?

DTTM offers strong penetration that can effectively relax muscles, relieve fatigue, regulate bodily functions, and boost immunity. By accessing deeper layers of muscle and tissue, DTTM can address and alleviate chronic pain and tension, offering a more profound level of relief than most other massage techniques.

Whether you're an office worker suffering from a stiff neck, a sports enthusiast dealing with a muscle injury, or simply someone who enjoys the thorough pressure of a deep tissue massage, DTTM at AiCareMoxa offers a targeted and effective approach to enhance your wellbeing.

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